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My TikTok account is linked below. I share daily test prep tips and practice. 

Unbeatable Score Guarantee

Depending on which package you purchase, we offer two different score guarantees. Please click "learn more" below to see our specific score guarantees for each test prep membership. Unlike most test prep services, we offer a specific score increase guarantee that is unbeatable in today's test prep marketplace due to both its value and attainability. Read the terms of any other score guarantee on the market and you'll see!

Unlimited Support

Our test prep memberships come with unlimited text/email support and unlimited body doubling sessions to ensure each student's success! Students can always text/email their tutor with any questions. They can also attend as many body doubling sessions as they'd like to ensure homework completion.

Expert Tutors

Students will learn tips and tricks from a Vanderbilt University graduate. Alexandra Garcia is the instructor for all group sessions and individual sessions. She is a graduate of Vanderbilt University with over 8 years of SAT and ACT tutoring experience. She had also written her own line of SAT and ACT test prep books.

College Consulting

As a bonus, I am available to answer questions about the college application process and my overall experience attending a top 15 university. Up to 2-4 hours of individual sessions can be used for college consulting.

Personalized Prep Plan

I take pride in providing each student with a personalized prep plan. I do not have a single prep plan that all students follow because each student is unique and requires individualized instruction to reach their maximum scoring potential. Each personalized prep plan includes individualized goals, strategies, notes, and homework schedules.

Individual Online Tutoring

Learn from the comfort of your own home! Depending on the test prep membership, students receive between 8-15 hours worth of individual tutoring.

All Materials Included

All of the materials you need are included in your test prep membership. Materials are both shipped directly to students and available in the online course portal. We even provide extra materials for students who want extra practice outside of their sessions and homework assignments.

Online Classes

Both test prep memberships include 8 hours of group classes. Students can choose to attend these online classes live or they can watch a recording of the weekly group session and submit the classwork assignments to be marked as present.

Proctored Practice exams

Depending on your test prep membership, students will need to attend either 2 or 3 proctored practice exams. However, they are free to attend as many proctored exams as they would like. Extra practice exams are offered throughout the length of each test prep membership.

The information above applies to the

Essential Test Prep membership

and Premium Test Prep membership. 

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Dylan Yee-Kee
Dylan Yee-Kee
My experience being tutored here was great! The atmosphere was very comfortable and allowed for a positive learning environment. My personal score for the SAT went up over 150 points in only 5 sessions. I am very grateful and couldn’t ask for a better tutor!
sanjna samrai
sanjna samrai
Ms. Garcia was such a great tutor and she helped me prep so much! She was super understanding and flexible as well, and by the end of the course I was really prepared for my SAT. My score increased by over 200 points from the beginning to end and I was very satisfied!
James Bhikam
James Bhikam
I had purchased the SAT tutoring lessons that include private sessions (that you can schedule), group sessions every week on Sundays, personalized homework that helps in areas that you may need help in, and two proctored practice SAT tests. This is an amazing tutoring program that helped me bump my SAT score by a significant amount. Without this I could’ve very well received the same score or lower from the last time I took an SAT.
Samantha Scanlan
Samantha Scanlan
We had a great experience with AG tutoring. My daughter absolutely loved her teacher. I was a little worried about it being on the computer and not in person but it was wonderful. They built a great relationship and my daughter caught up very quickly.
Nalubuuka Pauline
Nalubuuka Pauline
Wow....I thank God that I found AG Tutoring Alex is one of the best teacher in the world. My son is 5 years old now never been to school before . He joined recently but he can read and write very well.cradit goes to teacher Alexander. Thanks
Lilah Al-Masri
Lilah Al-Masri
Florence has been a wonderful Spanish teacher for my two young girls (5 & 7yo). She knows how to keep them engaged online and knows exactly how to appeal to each child at their learning level. She’s a wonderful teacher and role model.
Lorna Cuxart
Lorna Cuxart
In just one month of tutoring my daughter was able to improve her ACT score by 5 points. The tutoring sessions are also helping her with her AP classes and school in general. Alex is very professional and charismatic. Best tutor ever.

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Increase Your Score

Increase your score by a specific and guaranteed amount! The Essential Test Prep membership guarantees an increase of 3+ points on the ACT or 150+ points on the SAT. The Premium Test Prep membership guarantees an increase of 5+ points on the ACT or 200+ points on the SAT. There are specific terms and conditions that apply to each membership guarantee. Please read the terms and conditions at the following link for more information: Test Prep Memberships. If you would like to increase your score in general and are looking for a more affordable option, then you can still access test prep strategies and tips through my TikTok series. I also offer individual tutoring. 

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Accountability System

For the Essential Test Prep membership and Premium Test Prep membership, I will ensure you reach your goals with my accountability system. I send weekly emails regarding missing assignments and reminders to schedule your individual sessions. If a student struggles to submit homework assignments, then he or she can attend body doubling sessions each week to ensure homework completion during those extra sessions.

try, try again

Best Practices

For the Essential Test Prep membership and Premium Test Prep memberships, I am constantly reviewing and adjusting my instruction and each student’s personalized prep plan as needed. I look at each student’s progress periodically to ensure that he or she will reach his or her goals. As part of my TikTok and TikTok series, I incorporate evidence-based instructional practices and refer you to the best materials available to ensure you succeed on your exam. 

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I offer three different test prep memberships. The “Essential Test Prep” membership costs $1,500. The “Premium Test Prep” membership costs $4,200. The “SAT & ACT Tutoring – 10 Hours” membership costs $700. 

While we know the initial price tag may seem shocking to some, we know how valuable our services are and how our services compare with other test prep services. Our pricing reflects the unbeatable value of our test prep memberships. For our live membership options, no other test prep service offers as much as we do in a single package. In fact, we have yet to come across another test prep service that offers body doubling sessions and unlimited text/email support for students. It’s also extremely rare to have college consulting as part of one of these packages. Our college consulting rate is $300/hr, so already you are getting an insane deal on college consulting. Our college consulting combined with our phenomenal test prep is extremely valuable long-term. Buying our test prep membership is truly an investment in your child’s future. Your child will be receiving advice from tutors who both got into top 15 universities and know how to access thousands of dollars in financial aid and scholarships. We conducted a thorough market analysis before determining our prices, which is how we know that we offer the best overall value. Our score guarantee alone is the least deceptive, most valuable, and most attainable guarantee on the market. The biggest way that we standout from our competitors is that we offer both a specific score guarantee and we don’t set students up to fail at cashing in on our score guarantee. In fact, we provide an unprecedented amount of support to students so that they follow the terms of our score guarantee. Our score guarantee is clear and reasonable. It can be found by clicking the following link: Test Prep Memberships. 

This is why I created my TikTok account and test prep books! I also offer individual test prep tutoring as an option.  Individual test prep tutoring costs $75/hr if you purchase the hours individually or $70/hr ($700 total) to purchase a 10 hour membership.  Individual test prep tutoring does not come with a score guarantee. I also offer parents the option to pay in installment payments. Please contact me directly to inquire about breaking up your total payment into installment payments. 

For the Essential Test Prep membership and Premium Test Prep membership, all sessions are conducted via Zoom. Students book their individual sessions using the booking portal. They just click “book now” and book their service. They login using the information they signed up with when purchasing their test prep membership. It’s very easy to use and I demonstrate how to do this during our first group session. I also give students the option to have me sign them up for all their future sessions so that they don’t have to worry about doing so. Students begin booking individual sessions after our first group session. 

For the Essential Test Prep membership and our Premium Test Prep membership, the upcoming schedule can be found by clicking the description for either of the test prep memberships, which can be found at the following link: Test Prep Memberships. Each student receives login information for a course portal where they can check the course schedule and any additions to the course schedule. The course portal is also where students can find their  personalized prep plan, extra practice materials, session recordings, and other important information. During our first group session, I always spend a few minutes demonstrating how to use the course portal.

For all the memberships, I will reach out to you within 24 hours to introduce myself. I will provide you with all the information you need to access your test prep membership benefits. I will also be available to answer any and all questions that you have. 

Body doubling sessions are included in the Essential Test Prep membership and our Premium Test Prep membership. Body doubling sessions are zoom meetings where everyone is working simultaneously to achieve their individual goals. It is most comparable to a virtual study hall and can be very helpful for students with executive functioning issues. During the first group session, I discuss scheduling preference for body doubling sessions. I develop the schedule based on the feedback that I receive and my availability. Body doubling sessions occur every weekday. 

For the Essential Test Prep membership, students will be expected to attend a 1 hour group session, attend 1 hour of individual tutoring, and complete 1.5 hours worth of homework. For the Premium Test Prep membership, students will be expected to attend a 1 hour group session, attend 2 hours of individual tutoring, and complete 2 hours of homework. 

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