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This is a growing bundle course, which means I will be adding to and/or adjusting this course as time progresses. I want to make sure everyone is super happy with this course, so please reach out with any critiques or suggestions! AG Tutoring LLC is not affiliated with any of the external resources that are linked in this course. We are simply letting you know that these free resources exist and linking the relevant resources mentioned. I did create this course before releasing my own line of test prep books, so my book was not a part of the course when I recored these. However, I have added a PDF copy of my new ACT math book to the “Extra Practice Resources” section because I truly believe it is the best math book out there. My book tells you exactly how to use it and corresponds to a free playlist on my YouTube channel with lessons for each chapter. My YouTube channel is linked below and the playlist is titled “Overcoming ACT Math”. However, you are free to follow the exact directions in the course videos for which math assignments to do in the other math books that were shipped to you. Those books are fantastic as well. I am simply providing you with an additional resource that I highly recommend using.

Instructor Contact Information

  • Name: Alexandra Garcia
  • Phone: (786)202-7181
  • Email: customerservice@ag-tutoring.com

Suggested Schedule & Timeline

  • Introduction – Week 1
  • Section 1 – Week 1
  • Section 2 – Week 2
  • Section 3 – Week 3
  • Section 4 – Week 4
  • Bonus Section & Practice Tests – Weeks 5-8

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