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AG Tutoring is dedicated to connecting clients with phenomenal tutors who provide high-quality services. Compared to competitor tutoring companies, AG Tutoring has higher standards for tutors and higher compensation rates to match those high standards. We invest in quality educators!

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We are committed to providing individualized instruction .

Our mission is to provide a supplement to the current public school system that is both affordable and effective. Individualized instruction is the key! Each student learns differently and requires unique methods to optimize learning. We pride ourselves on providing individualized instruction that caters to each student’s interests and learning needs. We believe that education is the best gift and investment. Education is not a tangible object that can ever be taken from its owner. These beliefs are central to AG Tutoring LLC’s formation and operations. 

Selective Hiring Process


Educators At Our Core

AG Tutoring LLC is owned by Alexandra Garcia, a former special education teacher and graduate of Vanderbilt University. Vanderbilt University has the #1 special education teacher preparation program in the United States and is #5 for overall teacher preparation programs. Alexandra Garcia uses expertise gained from both her time at Vanderbilt University and her time in the education industry to thoroughly vet each potential tutor. A solid background in education is key when evaluating the quality and skill of a potential tutor.


Only The Best

Less than 2% of applicants are offered contracts to tutor potential clients. Our rigorous criteria ensure you won't be matched with a just "okay" tutor. We want you to have the best! Hundreds of applications are sent in whenever we conduct a round of interviews, but only the most qualified and passionate candidates are considered for interviews. Our high standards of instruction set us apart from our competitors. Tutors must demonstrate expertise in evidence-based practices and demonstrate a passion for thinking outside-the-box to make learning fun!


Safety First

Your safety is our priority. Every potential tutor has been thoroughly vetted and has completed a thorough background check. Many parents are unaware that the top tutoring companies do not conduct thorough background checks and consider a simple sex offender check as a "thorough background check". Our process is much more extensive. We check sex offender status, criminal records, educational experience, employment records, and more.

Customers Love Us

Tammy C.


“Alex has been a blessing for my family. I love that she offers 30 or 60 minute sessions so that you can pick the best fit for different ages and learners. Alex is punctual and maximizes each session. She explains difficult math concepts in easy to follow steps so that my boys feel capable and successful with their math. Her interactive technology is also a big hit. Alex is the real deal. My kids are reluctant learners but enjoy their sessions with Alex. The cherry on top for me are the session notes that Alex provides after each session to break down learning goals, achievement and next steps; they are extremely helpful.”

Ketly B.


Rating: Excellent. Liked best: The customer service is amazing!!! Your Tutor: Mr. James and Alex. Would Recommend: Yes. Anything To Add: The prices are very affordable and once you enroll, you automatically feel like part of the ag-tutoring family.”

Aurora M.


“Ms. Carbajal is a passionate teacher who encourages her students and helps them learn and grow.”

*All testimonials are written by current and former clients of AG Tutoring LLC. The images are stock photos used for advertising purposes. 


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